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Outside Sales Rep

Houston, TX, USA

Job Type

Full Time/Part Time

About the Role

As an outside sales rep you will be required to knock on doors in selected territories of storm damaged neighborhoods in the Houston area.
You will be required to inspect roofs and property for damages, assist homeowners with filing
claims, attend adjuster appointments, maintain contact with homeowner and schedule closings.
The pay is commission only, meaning there are no income limits. The most important role of this company is the sales team. We pride ourselves in cultivating a family like culture and are dedicated to each person's success
• Knock on doors to generate leads. -> Learn a general script that you can adapt and improve on
• Inspect roofs for storm related damages. -> Perform an honest and thorough inspection to qualify homeowners roofs for repair or replacement
• Assist homeowners with filing claims. -> If the inspection warrants a claim, have the insurance claim line pulled up and ready to call to help the homeowner with the necessary information.
• Maintain regular contact with the homeowner. -> Establish
a good rapport with them so that they are more likely to let you know when the adjuster appointment will be as well as any questions they have.
• Attend the adjuster appointment. -> Build a good rapport with the adjuster while on the appointment.
• Schedule the closing. -> If the roof replacement is approved, schedule a time for us to go over the paperwork
with the homeowner. If it is denied explore other options with the homeowner.
• Collect commission check. -> Expect to start getting paid anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks from your start date.


  • Experience Is Preferred, But Not Required

  • Reliable Transportation Required

  • Strong Interpersonal Skills To Build Rapport With Prospective And Existing Customers

  • Excellent Problem Solving

  • Detail Oriented With Time Management Skills

  • Ability To Get On And Off Of Roofs

  • Team Oriented

About the Company

Samurai Roofing Services is a reputable roofing company serving Houston and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on giving our clients a great experience as well as the over all success of the face of our business, our sales team.

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